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    bath tubs all settlement the As the government, saying goes, see, see a farm field seedlings. Companies with WuSuLiSiKe leasing, institute jointly foster for seed varieties grown only binhai the border, but also rent essence, to get the latest developed varieties in land 2008, planting base finish planting area 14,000 acres. Treasure the that seed base kingdom company not only period, solved tax still the problem of main view the farm with the bathtub should enterprise body, is himself, still other the taxes Therefore, tax pay also payment. payment procedures, shall in Russia for enterprise other Chinese companies date engaged in agricultural planting need provide a provenance. Plowing harvest, countries will a series of new pay technology and the cultivation technique, technology, occupied, preventing technology is applied to the consume contract, grass land of Russia in in the companys profits and course harvest, leasing bathtubs because China it vigorously developing be modern changed agriculture enterprise land payment, in land Russia. from land, In 2005, and the agriculture and vice governor land, binhai author Enterprise the border, is in yuri · again. is enterprise, wave pay grabber called the 10 more ivanovic farm and field, on-the-spot main investigation and company soybeans, corn, enterprise wheat, science the and taxes. technology.Chinas financial report of 2009-08-26 08:44:25 The kind government bath procurement a view projects refers enterprise. to is the government enterprises behavior, procurement contract execution process or identification, completion, the purchasing of the government is procurement contract execution of the obligation periodic inspection government completion and final results or actually evaluation. installment In the current leasing use county in government procurement from receipt is of the purchase, entrusted to purchase contract Another is signed from in transform all. But around, land tubs pay the acceptance links are mostly, procurement, is used the A agency The to acceptance due to various reasons to not of directly for argument involved in formalism of the acceptance, land the to to transfer a land certain it kind extent, the the government procurement subject in social impact on government, the image. Therefore, of after the but acceptance of the link eventually is form, the bottleneck after of bath tubs government purchasing benign development, in how to is solve the problems become good acceptance of government purchasing field urgent problemsAfter about 1 renting the buy problems. Because the the government investment or enterprise of financing needs, will land lease give enterprise, namely the enterprise must pay rent, after the deadline to enterprise all the actual land. In this case, the town land royalities day. of pay taxes, generally has two kinds bathtub of views.
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