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               Service Zone

    1. Installation of shower tray

    (1) Reserve the cloaca position first and make sure this position matches the drainer hole position on the shower tray.
    (2) If the cloaca position is fixed already and cannot be matched with the drainer hole position on the shower tray, it is suggested to use a tube to adjust. Make sure there is enough space between the shower tray and the earth to put the tube.
    (3) After the above points are finished, it can be installed. Firstly fix the drainer on the shower tray.
    (4) Put the shower tray to the center of the bathroom and fix the tube to the cloaca position. Make sue not to curve the tube.

    2.Installation of the shower room

    (1) Do not stand on the shower room which will injure the body or get a loss.
    (2) The installation must be strictly obeyed as per the instruction. Improper installation will cause unstable of the shower room or even fall down that injure the body or get a loss.
    (3) If the glass is broken carelessly, please clean it carefully to avoid injury.
    (4) Please clear away the unnecessary packing materials after unpack the package. The carton and package may cause injury.

    3. Attention

    (1) Please make sure everything is normal before installation.
    (2) Please position the glass vertically and steadily to the wall after unpacking. Horizontal or unsteady position may cause damage of the glass and injure the body or get a loss.
    (3) Since the glass is easy to be broken when move horizontally, please be care. It must be carried vertically by at least 2 persons and avoid collision.
    (4) Please obey the instruction when using the de-mildew. Please clean it with water after using and rub it with cloth.
    (5) Take out the seal for clean, please follow the below steps:
    a. Open the door, take out the seal
    b. Clean the seal
    c. Fix back the seal in the same way that taking it out.